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Dreamland Theater is a place that gathers children and allows them to taste how it is be on the stage, to be part of a play. Recently, the theater was a center of attention because of repeating mysterious incidents. A child actor disappearing hours before the play with no tracks left, some props turn into actual weapons while some disappear with no explanation.

One of actors was leaving the theater later then usual, went down the stairs, slipped and realized that he finds himself in parts of the theater he can't remember. Now he tries to escape the building while learning the truth behind recent accidents. Is theater haunted or is everything he experiences a staged play?


  • [W, S, A, D] - Movement
  • [Mouse] - Look around
  • [E] - Interaction/Skip dialog
  • [Shift] - Sprint
  • [Ctrl] - "Become Invisible"

Goal:  Find a way leave the place you are in.

Do you have any suggestions or would like to leave some feedback? Here's the form you could fill in: https://forms.gle/AkFtJrzNAVq6Ag1w5


Install instructions

Download zip matching your operating system and unpack it.


dreamland_theater_linux_v0.4.zip 56 MB
dreamland_theater_mac_v0.4.zip 51 MB
dreamland_theater_windows_v0.4.zip 40 MB

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