Have you ever pondered bowling? Now you don't have to, you are Master Bowler Pro!

You have been invited to private island to show off your might bowling skills. With use of your power of movement, knee joint muscles and right hand of annihilation, you can launch balls so good, world will not even know what hit him. Go and bowl over them. Watch out though, world will not accept half-assed, pathetic, close-up, lame throws. Be wary and be Master Bowler Pro.  

Master Bowler Pro is about hitting stuff with balls. To complete it should take around 10 - 20 minutes first time. Goal of the game is destroying all pins on the map. Pin-count is visible in top left corner. After you clear the map, you'll see small table that comperes your time, balls used and jumps made during the run with my personal best. If you manage to beat any of them, post screenshot in comments and I'll make sure to include best once, with your nickname attached in any future update. The lower numbers the better.


  • [W, A, S, D] Movement 
  • [Mouse] Look around 
  • [LMB] Shoot (hold and release) 
  • [Shift] Sprint 
  • [P] Pause
  • [T] Toggle statistics on screen (in top left corner)
  • [R] Restart
  • [Q] Quit

Have you found bugs, have any suggestion or want to let me know about your experience? I'll gladly read it! Let me know here: https://forms.gle/PDe5GD1knPgmTL467



master_bowler_pro_v0.1_linux.zip 69 MB
master_bowler_pro_v0.1_mac.zip 63 MB
master_bowler_pro_v0.1_windows.zip 54 MB


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I like this game, fun concept